Image by Michaela Baum

About me


Who am I?

Hi! I'm D'André, born and bred in South London to Nigerian and Jamaican parents, eldest of 5 children. Baking started for me at 5 years old, where my mum and I would make different cakes like banana breads, cupcakes, chocolate rice crispy cups, and more. It was her way of introducing me to the kitchen.

At the age 12, I started my own baking journey with a school fundraiser challenge where my year was given £1 each to start a small investment for an enterprise challenge to fund our end of year trip. I decided to invest in some ingredients and baked a load of cupcakes to sell which turned out to be a success! Together, over 100 girls had raised thousands of pounds from our "Year 9 beauty day", transforming our school hall into a spa with things from hair-doing, make-up, homemade cakes ad food, manicures, pedicures, all of the typical girl stuff (even the male teachers took part!). In the end, we all paid only £3 each for our trip to Thorpe Park which was not only a fun day out but sparked some new talents and business mindsets as well.

I took courage from that, started baking for family, friends and more fundraisers at school, then eventually for work too! I used the time to learn, perfect new skills and even create my own recipes for my cakes, thus creating my home business "D's Indulgences".

I now bring my baking delights to Dordrecht and the surrounding areas with the aim of opening my own physical bakery serving individual items, fresh tea, coffee in an English tearooms style setting sometime in the future along with cakes for celebrations.

When i'm not baking ...

... i'm a university graduate with the goal to become a chartered aerospace engineer. On the flip side, I am also a women's artistic gymnastics coach having been a gymnast then coach since age 6. You can also catch me bird or plane spotting too!